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cozy quinoa H&F


Natalie was welcomed back to the kitchen of the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. This time Natalie made her “Cozy Quinoa” which is perfect for those chilly Autumn nights. She also talked about the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15.” She discussed which fruits and veggies you should definitely buy organic and which ones you can possibly skip if you’re trying to save a little mula. For more about the “Dirty Dozen” & the “Clean 15” go to the Environmental Working Group’s website.

SCAN Conference

Natalie speaks at SCAN-NATOA conference in Long Beach, CA

Natalie had the honor of speaking at the NATOA conference on June 21, 2012 in Long Beach, CA. NATOA stands for National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisor’s who’s mission is to support and serve the communications interests of local governments. Natalie spoke to hosts and producers about her experience on-camera and as a producer.


Natalie’s Breakfast Sandwich Featured on Popular Food Blog

Natalie J. Forte is a busy lady. Armed with a degree in broadcast journalism, she has traveled the globe to cover some of the world’s most sought-after vacation spots and exotic destinations. She’s lead local and international press junket interviews and lifestyle programming for major networks like ABC Family, and interviewed stars such as an Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Liam Neeson. And now, as the charming, spunky host of America’s Best Bites, Natalie brings viewers a taste of some of the country’s most delicious dishes.

Jealous yet? Me too. But as much as I’d love to hate her, Natalie is just too darn likeable, especially since she has clued me in to her signature Eggtastic Breakfast Sandwich — a masterpiece marriage of eggs and cheese taken to a whole new level. The origins of the sandwich date back all the way to middle school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where her mother would make Natalie a simple egg and cheese sandwich on potato bread every day before school. In her teenage years, Natalie’s love of the breakfast sandwich continued to grow…



Top 3 LA Burgers Named by LA Native and Cohost of America’s Best Bites

Do you have burgers on the brain? Fabulous, then you’re on the same wavelength as cohost of America’s Best Bites Natalie J. Forte. The LA native loves burgers so much, we put her up to the challenge of picking her favorite in town. But before we get to that, a quick word from Natalie about her love of the LA food scene: “On my travels, I’ve realized as I speak to more and more people how much LA gets a bad rap, especially when it comes to the food scene. And I think that’s a bunch of crap-ola. I constantly stick up for the LA food scene and say LA has some of the best food in the country!” she spilled. That’s a huge compliment coming from someone whose job it is to travel the country and critique food. Catch Natalie’s show on KTLA, but before you do, make sure you taste all three burgers on her list…


America’s Best Bites visits the Fox 5 San Diego Morning Show

Natalie paid a visit to the Fox 5 Morning Show today in San Diego to talk up the debut of America’s Best Bites. The show debuts Saturday morning at 4am! So set your DVR or just stay up after coming home from the bars. Either way watch the show as we kick it off with some of the BEST Burgers.

Check out Natalie’s appearance on the morning show: